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Maverick and Penelope had their litter in October this year (2023) They are all in their furever homes!  

All Puppies are Cute!

However, we would like to ensure that you and your home (yard) are ready for an eight week old springer puppy! Springers are active dogs and they will need time and commitment.  Puppies are an even bigger commitment of time and training.  We require everyone to have what we call the "springer talk" with us.  I have many stories about situations I was concerned with, and my goal is a happy meshing of new family member with you.  The talk allows me to be sure that you have the time and space for a springer puppy. For example, to expect an eight week old puppy to be content in a crate all day while you are at work is not acceptable... I also will recommend an older dog for folks who are elderly or are experiencing mobility issues.  Expecting bench line springers to be an outside farm dog in the winter is harsh.  While they do grow winter coats, our dogs are bred to be good family dogs who share time inside and out with their people.   Springers are people dogs!  The conversation also allows me to share how we raise our puppies. They will come to their new home with a good start on potty training and crate training.  

I talk to people all the time about adding a springer to their family, and so we do have a waiting list. To be on our waiting list, we need to have the "springer talk", a deposit check of $100 (that we hold and do not cash), and a signed contract. In the event that you find another puppy and want to be removed from the waiting list, you can just call and we can shred both your check and your contract. 

If you are interested in being on our waiting list, please call Terri's cell phone at 320-894-2692 with serious inquiries only.  The puppies are $600 @ tax included (2020).  A contract, $100 deposit, and "the Springer Talk" with Terri are required before reserving a puppy for you.  

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