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Maverick is our current sire. (2023)  He is Embark tested AKC registered.  He has not had his hips certifed as he is not yet 2 yrs old.  He is not trimmed in this photo.  

Charlie outside last summer with summer partially grown out summer trim.  His copper colors don't show well in this image however he has both copper and black freckles.  


Our Dogs


This is Macy about two weeks after trimming.  She is retired.  

Penelope is our current dam.  She has certified hips and elbows, is Embark tested, and AKC registered.  She was trimmed about a month before this photo.  

This is Molly, our champion bloodline field bred springer, who is almost 15 years old.  She is a family member only.  


Libby (Liberty) is our current dam.   This is a side shot of her.  She was trimmed about two weeks ago in this photo.  

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