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About Us

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Blazing Star Springers is a small (normally only one litter a year) breeder who raise good quality, family raised, tri-color English Springer Spaniels to be members of your family. We love the happy, easy going nature of the English Springer Spaniel!  They are more than just dogs, they are part of our family.  Our springers are of the bench line of springers, instead of the field line.  Bench generally means longer, softer fur, a boxier muzzle, adult weight of about 45 pounds, little to no white on their backs, and a less active demeanor than their field counterparts.   If you look at our Molly (far left in the above photo), she is a field line springer. We love her just the same!


The tri-coloring is on both our black - white and the liver - white springers.  The third copper color shows up as a dot at the brow, under their tails, and under their ears.  Some pups have additional locations along their legs and muzzles.   While we do not show our pups, we do take pride in the breeding behind our springers.  We strive for the standard shape of a bench line Springer.  The puppies will have their tails docked to a standard length at 3-5 days of age, dewclaws removed, their first round of shots, been wormed, and have had a comprehensive vet check at 6 weeks.  I try to take good images of each puppy every week also and share via text or email.  Sometimes schedules get in the way but this website shows the type of images I share with new puppy owners.  


Our puppies are sold as limited registration (you will receive your registration papers when we receive a copy of the vet statement that your pup has been spay or neutered)  and the current price is $600 (2021)(including the deposit and sales tax).  All puppies are placed at 8 weeks and the responsibility to pick up your puppy is yours.  Puppy picks are in the order of the deposit received.  There are no guarantees of how many liver -white or black - white or males vs. females we will have in a litter.  Both parents are tri-colored and so the puppies will be tri-colored. If you want to pull your name from our waiting list, just let us know before you commit to a specific puppy.   All puppy picks need to be made by 4 weeks of age as there are other families waiting to choose their puppy as well.  The health guarantee, as well as the sales contract, and both pedigrees are on another page of this website.  And so if you are ready to welcome a springer into your family and ready to have the "springer talk" - call Terri's cell number.  We both work outside the home. So if I do not answer my phone, please leave a message and I will return your call when I can.  I also text readily.  



< The name Blazing Star comes from a prairie flower family that is common on the remaining prairies of southwest Minnesota.   

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